"COOL DIGGS"   1 Bedroom "BRIDGEPORT MINI  LOFT"  With Exposed Brick, Hardwood Floor, Open Living, French Doors, Window Coverings, Parking, Kitchen Counter, Public Transportation In Front
   Located in prime
Immediate access to the  the Dan Ryan. Cellular Field ball park is just around the corner and the Red Line is near by. Read about Bridgeport on the bottom of this page.

                                                 ALL ABOUT BRIDGEPORT 

One of the local cyber café’s is which has free Wi-Fi and another fabulous local restaurant is where you can meet our friend Dave of 20 years.  Connies famous Pizza is right down the street on Archer with a lot of locations.  

Bridgeport's Polish history can be seen in its two churches in the Polish Cathedral style: St. Mary of Perpetual Help and St. Barbara. The Art Institute of Chicago has recently done restoration work on the paintings in the Shrine Altars at St. Mary of Perpetual Help which date back to 1890, with further plans calling for restoration of the stained glass windows and to complete the painting of the interior ceilings and rotunda. The influence of other Eastern European immigrants to Bridgeport is evident at St. Jerome Croatian Catholic Church, which holds services in both Croatian and English.

U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, is often thought to be geographically located in Bridgeport. This is a misconception. The stadium is actually located one block to the east, in the Armour Square community area.

Bridgeport has long been one of the city's political hotbeds, having been home to five of Chicago's 45 mayors. They are, in order of service: Edward Kelly, Martin Kennelly, Richard J. Daley, Michael Bilandic, and Richard M. Daley. The most prominent example of the neighborhood's influence on Chicago politics is illustrated by a 46-year long stretch (1933-1979) in which a Bridgeport native held the city's highest office.

Bridgeport is served by the Bridgeport News, a neighborhood newspaper delivered weekly on Wednesdays to homes throughout the neighborhood. The area is also served by two Chicago Transit Authority train stations..

Is there a neighborhood more classically Chicago than Bridgeport?

It’s one of the city’s oldest communities, yet thanks to its proximity to downtown it has been brimming in recent years with new development and renewed interest. It has been home to five Chicago mayors and countless politicians and city workers. And there are also plenty of Bridgeport condos.

Bridgeport is also one of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse, which may come as a surprise to many Chicagoans who still think of Bridgeport almost exclusively as an Irish-American neighborhood. In 2008 the Chicago Sun-Times ranked Bridgeport as the fourth most ethnically diverse community in the city, following Albany Park, West Ridge and Rogers Park.

Like many of Chicago’s 77 officially recognized neighborhoods, boundaries can sometimes vary depending upon who is asked. But generally, Bridgeport is defined as the community between the Chicago River on the north and west, Canal Street on the East and Pershing Road (3900 South) on the South.

Parishes and churches are numerous in Bridgeport. So, too, are independent shops that line Halsted Street, 35th Street, Pershing Road, Archer Avenue and other thoroughfares.

One of the major Bridgeport public transportation stations at Archer & Halsted where you can catch the Orange Line, Halsted #8 bus and many others.  There is lots of safe well lighted free parking across the street.
Where "Less is More"

Above is the 35th Street Cellular Field Red Line stop and below is world famous Cellular Field just a couple of blocks away with fireworks after every game.  CLICK ON THE FIREWORKS FOR AN ACTUAL CELL FIELD FIREWORKS SHOW    >>>>>>>>
The Red Line station just a short walk from your new place.  
Wallace Neon Mini Lofts
Private off street parking for 3 cars on a shared lot behind the building right under your porch deck.
Pictured above is a fall shot of the neighborhood, the new houses next door, and your new place in the updated 3 story historic classic funky vintage brick building from the last century.

Below is the exposed brick in the entry hallway where you pick up your mail, as you enter the front door of the Wallace Neon Mini Loft building.  There is a lot of genuine oak wood surrounding entry doorways and unique features everywhere.  On the right below is the glowing neon glass block window at night where you can impress your friends when they come to visit.  This is really a colorful place for colorful people with a very cool landlord..
You may recognize your new building from the Bridgeport filming of the fox police TV action series "THE CHICAGO CODE" with Jennifer Beals AND "CHICAGO FIRE"
Check out the rest of the pictures then come back for a live virtual of your new neon mini loft below
There are many "one of a kind" unique features in your new apartment and one of them is the color changing LED stainless steel water faucet. 

Depending on the temperature of the water, the colors change and it generates it's own power so it never needs batteries. 

 It is especially cool if you get up in the middle of the night and turn it on, it will  make everything glow warm colors so no need to turn on the bright lights.  Click on the picture to see how it works, and if you are really into it they are available in shower heads too for that special romantic shower...          THATS HOW WE ROLL
Jennifer On Set
On the left is genuine antique brick exposed through the beautiful French Doors in the bedroom complete with privacy blinds, pictured above is the kitchen bar complete with chairs, open kitchen, lots of cabinets, stove and fridge, exhaust fan and cooking hood, new ceiling fan in the open loft area and hardwood Pergo floors everywhere freshly varnished.
Pictured above is the decorative steel door with crystal window, thermal pane windows complete with new mini blinds and a large bedroom which will easily fit a "California King.
Now take a video tour of your new neighborhood
The chandelier as you enter the common hallway going into the building automatically going on as you walk in.