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    WELCOME TO BEST RENTS "AVAILABLE"         Kindly be advised that there is a $25 cash application fee in advance for a credit/eviction              check for all apartments and everybody is welcome and considered uniformly

      All apartments are easy to view being shown every 48-72 hours all week during                                          lunch hour, then again on Saturday if it is still available.

If you want us to tweet you before the next showing time just click on the Twitter button below

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  Signature "Mini Lofts" Since 1981


         NO VACANCY
All the apartments that we had last week have been rented but please check back next month because we may have a beautiful 2 bedroom "Mini Loft" in the heart of Bridgeport and a clean basic 4 room apartment in Gage Park.  As soon as we have information phone numbers we will post more details right here.       Thanks for your interest.

Everybody is welcome at our showing so please be prepared when you come to see any available rental unit and print out your application and cash down payment for possibe immediate approval at the first showing...This will save everybody a lot of time and give you top priority at the showing.
Thanks for over two    million customers over            34 years